Our Services


Our services cover every aspect of public relations, media management and social media solutions. We work with our clients to identify their needs, develop tailor-made strategies and implement them professionally. Innovation is at the core of our work philosophy. We use not just time-tested PR tools but new ideas that support their goals and bring tangible benefits to them.

Public Relations

Our core competency is providing public relations consultancy and devising strategies to maximise the media/public visibility of the clients and to support their marketing and brand/image building initiatives. We have the knowledge to advice you on how to go about building your brand, how to leverage the power of the media and reach out to your audience. We have the expertise to design and execute innovative PR campaigns. We put an extraordinary amount of effort and care into designing our campaigns and they are right on target because they are custom designed for the client's needs, the target audience and the media platform.


We have experience and expertise in devising strategies for communication. All assignments we undertake are played out on the basis of a definite plan that aims to ensure reliable and systematic channelling of information through multiple media platforms to the target audience. We provide advice and guidance on organising press briefings and interviews, on managing media at events and generating interesting and newsworthy content. We have a massive and well-segmented database designed that helps us devise tailor-made solutions for each client.


Establishing media connects has always been central to our activities. MD Niche coordinators have excellent professional equations with media houses and journalists across the country. We nurture these ties through goodwill and professionalism. We encourage and facilitate positive interactions between our clients and the media.

Content Support

One feature that sets MD Niche apart from most PR firms in India is its accent on quality content. We have a team of seasoned former journalists who are capable of identifying news angles and drafting ready-to-use hard stories and features for the press. We provide content and editorial support for newsletters, websites, advertorials and other collaterals. We also arrange for photo coverage, graphics and audio-visual inputs.

Brand Management

Image and brand building is central to our PR exercise. We advise on the most effective strategies to position your brand, the best ways to reach out to your target audience and establish long-term emotion connects with them. We always try to ensure that the PR plans we develop support and complement your marketing objectives.

Advocacy & Campaigning

Our company takes great pride in associating with projects and organisations whose works have social, cultural and environmental value. As PR professionals our job satisfaction comes from having contributed in some way to supporting the efforts of these organisations, which is why we excel at advocacy and campaigning for socially relevant causes. Our extensive networks and connections come in very handy in meeting the objectives of such campaigns.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communication is always a contingency in our PR plans. Our best efforts are directed at pre-empting crises. However, when problems do arise, we carry out subtle and intelligent interventions. Misconceptions and negativity often arise out of poor management of PR campaigns; we are in the business of setting them right.


A team working round the clock on all days of the week to keep the client alive and happening at odd and the even hours. Our social media executives make sure that the clients stay in the sphere with subtility and style. The creative crew ideates and executes campaigns and posters on festive and other special days, as and how it serves each client.


At the designing end, we are versatile. Visualizers, graphic designers, and video editors work hand in hand to give form and finish to our concepts. They facilitate our clients that range from tourism to technology and from art to livestock development, mark their presence in paper and in the network.

Media Intelligence

Media Intelligence is an integral part of public relations. Knowing your ecosystem is the key to maintaining public relations. It helps to know where and how to place your client and also helps the client to delve more into the industry and its undercurrents. We have a well-oiled intelligence unit that alerts and informs the client about the environment.

Media Tracking

On an intangible level, there is nothing more fulfilling than finding your client's name on multiple media platforms, while on the tangible level there is an increased awareness of how tracking can help in understanding the horizontal and vertical movement of the brand in the industry and among the people. Our tracking team makes sure the coverage is well-placed and also whether our efforts bear fruit.

Event management

We ensure events are efficiently managed from end to end. Ranging from invitations to return gifts and from flooring to lighting, we make sure everything is at its perfection. But because event management is not just about choosing linen and picking the right venue, we work round the clock to create an unforgettable moment for the attendees.