MD Niche Media Consultants:
A refreshing experiment in media consultancy

When a small group of experienced and hardcore journalists decided to chuck their secure jobs to dabble into an uncertain but tantalizing world of media relations, they knew it was a calculated risk and perhaps would have to be ready for a long haul. Thus was born MD Niche Media Consultants in 2009 in a modest single-room facility in an upscale pocket of the national capital. Since then it has traversed a long distance to emerge as a reckoning force and a trusted brand in the PR world.

The fledgling set-up did undergo its phase of struggle, but a steady rise in the number and quality of clientele brought in optimism. And when we were bestowed — in just a year of our existence — the prestigious 2010 PATA (Asia Pacific Travel Association) Gold Award for Public Relations in recognition of our work done for Kerala Tourism, it was a robust affirmation of our expertise and ability to deliver as Media and PR Consultant.

With its Corporate office in New Delhi, Headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram and a branch office in Kochi, MD Niche is run by a team of journalists who have spent long years in the newsrooms and out in the field. Backed by a strong research arm, it regularly monitors industry trends and provides out‐of‐bracket ideas to its clients on media management.

We at MD Niche have our fingers on the pulse of the media, enabling us to help clients pitch their stories in the right way at the right time to grab the right media space and also enable them to pre-empt issues before they flare up into full-blown crises.

The company offers a whole spectrum of media management services to help businesses and organisations increase their media visibility and build their brands. It has an impressive list of clients drawn from a wide spectrum, such as tourism, culture, health, education, technology, economy and voluntary bodies, in both the public and private sectors.

A testimony to the company’s creditable achievements is a string of awards which have come its way: the 2010 PATA award for promoting Kerala Tourism;, the 2014 Diamond Sabre Award for Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation; the 2013 Gold Sabre Award for Excellence in the categories of Public Relations (Media Relations) and Not-for-profit; and the 2017 Fulcrum Award for Best Use of Public Affairs.

Driven by the motto that a client is not only a commercial proposition but also a celebration of inter-personal relationship, MD Niche stands out as a refreshing and innovative experiment in media consultancy.

That sums up MD Niche which delivers the full spectrum of media management services to support organisations in developing their brands and promoting their events. Its USP lies in brand-building of entities across various segments through innovative and comprehensive PR strategies. And it has got what it takes to give its clients that extra edge in the PR stakes in every media genre — be it print, electronic, online, news agency, social media or trade publications.

The Team

Leader of the Pack

S Suresh, CEO and founder of MD Niche, has more than 25 years of journalistic experience. An ace professional with prolific connections and profound industry knowledge, he has served on several media panels like the Media Advisory Committee of Parliament. He also held positions like President and Secretary of Thiruvananthapuram Press Club. He has travelled widely across the globe, especially with VVIPs like the Presidents and the Prime Ministers, and covered a string of important events.

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