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Technology PR

IT and Startups

IT and Startups are a core area of our strength. Our media management of Kerala's first digital summit #Future held in Kochi in 2018, has been a resounding success earning applause from all quarters. We also hold the media portfolio of the IT Parks, Kerala Startup Mission, IIITM-K and several allied agencies. We have a dedicated team to handle IT/technology/Science related areas.

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Government PR

Power in practice

In Government PR we highlight points of interest for the general public as well as the specific targeted audience. The content is created in such a manner that its importance is easily understood by the readers. At the same time, we take due care to free the copy of officialese.

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Health PR


In Health PR we ensure that the information is attributed to the correct authority. For example, when the Health Department issues a PR through us on the outbreak of communicable diseases, we strengthen the copy with quotes from doctors and health workers on the field, experts with sound domain knowledge and scientists working with top laboratories. This is an area that we consider to be handled with great care and sensitivity.

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Corporate & Industrial PR

Growth and development

In Corporate PR, it is important to ensure that the client gets extra mileage which cannot be derived from advertisements. However, in a complex media scenario in a highly competitive and disruptive milieu, PR alone is no longer enough. Today’s world calls for a customised media strategy to highlight the image of the clients even while purveying the information they want to convey.

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Social & Behavioural Change PR

Imaginative and appealing

We ensure that the social/behavioural campaigns are run in an imaginative appealing manner. Instead of limiting to routine PR copies, we also run interviews, opinion pieces by influencers who are proactive in the topic concerned.

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Art, Culture & Education PR

To celebrate the classic

Providing communication solutions for major art events is a challenging task. We have successfully proved our strength in this area by handling big events like Kochi Muziriz Biennale, Film Festivals, Art Exhibitions and Heritage/Preservation Campaigns of voluntary outfits like Sahapedia. We have specialised writers and empanelled art critics who can write indepth articles and special stories on these subjects.

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Travel & Tourism PR

to reverberate

A major PR area the worldover, Travel and Tourism has been our forte for years. As the official PR agency of Kerala Tourism, we have been able to rev up the enthusiasm about Kerala on a global scale. Apart from issuing routine releases for national and international media, we have also been an active partner in international campaigns mounted by the government. We also do the media for premier travel industry forums like Kerala Travel Mart and state-run Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. Apart from our in-house team, we also commission travel writers and bloggers to contribute special content for the client.

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to roof

A vital area of economic activity in a fast growing country like India, media relations is important for Infrastructure and Real Estate sector. We have proved our mien in this segment by providing media solutions of Public Sector Infrastructure giants like Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) and HLL Infratech Services Ltd (HITES). We have also done PR for leading real estate firms.

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Farm, Fisheries & Animal Husbandry PR

For mother nature

Agriculture, fisheries and spices cultivation and trade are areas bustling with activities but often fail to receive due media attention. We have shown our strength in this area by handling PR for major players like Spices Board of India, Kerala Feed Limited and MPEDA.

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to resonate

To make sure our client spreads its wings across the ecosystem, we constitute events and campaigns. We move in a set pattern that highlights different angles and aspects of the client with a guaranteed audience.

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