Genrobotics launches robotic gait trainer

Genrobotics launches robotic gait trainer
Trivandrum / October 17, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct. 17: Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM)-supported startup Genrobotics, which developed world’s first robotic scavenger, today launched a robotic gait trainer that helps patients recover rapidly from paraplegic disabilities.

Minister for Health, Family Welfare, Women and Child Development Smt Veena George, virtually attended the function held at C-DAC Auditorium, Technopark here. Shri Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corp., launched the robotic gait trainer, G-Gaiter, on the occasion.

Noting that globally about 15 million people are afflicted with stroke annually, Smt Veena said golden hour treatment is vital for this medical condition, which is also rampant in India.

The Minister said as part of decentralising of healthcare delivery, Stroke Stabilisation Units and treatment facilities have been set up in government hospitals across 14 districts in Kerala.   

Elaborating the state’s preparedness in treating stroke, she said “Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has set up country’s first Stroke Registry Centre in Medical College Hospital (MCH), Thiruvananthapuram, in collaboration with the Neuro Department. A dedicated Cath lab and ICU has also been arranged.”  

Awareness programmes have also been bolstered as part of preventive measures, the Minister said. She exuded confidence that the launch of G-Gaiter will bring about a qualitative change in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from paraplegic condition.

Shri Rathan U Kelkar, Principal Secretary, Electronics and IT, Government of Kerala; Shri Anoop Ambika, CEO, KSUM; Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology Dr Saji Gopinath; Managing Director and CEO, Genrobotics, Shri Vimal Govind M K; and Co-founder and Director, Genrobotics, Shri Rashid K, were also present. 

G-Gaiter would assist patients with paraplegic conditions, caused by stroke, traumatic spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy, increase their mobility, consistency, and quality of gait pattern. In the initial phase, the robotic gait trainer will be used in four hospitals in Kerala including the General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram.


G-Gaiter’s AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered natural human gait pattern and top-notch rehabilitation functions aim to increase mobility as well as the consistency and quality of gait patterns. The functionality of the robot enables medical professionals to creatively design therapy based on each patient’s needs by saving time and effort.

Developed by using indigenous gait training technology, G-Gaiter has already received the patent. The developers hope to make the product available at a minimal rate of Rs 1.5 crore at hospitals in the state. G-Gaiter will be used in physical medical rehabilitation centres in the hospital and other physiotherapy centres.  

Shri Afzal Muttikal, Chief Marketing Officer, Genrobotics, said G-Gaiter aims to improve the physical mobility of patients, who are paralysed after accidents or a neurological disorder.

“G-Gaiter will help patients with paraplegic disorders achieve their goal of re-walking flawlessly. This would be one of the best alternatives to meet the shortcomings of the traditional gait training method,” he added.

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