‘Content should determine the language in art’: Mallika Sarabhai

Celebrated danseuse visited the ongoing third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale on Friday

Kochi, Jan 21: Noting that every art form needs to communicate, Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai said content should determine the language of art and not the other way round.

“Some artists first find a medium or a ‘gimmick’ and then identify that what they intend to express, which I don't approve,” said the renowned dancer and activist following a private visit to Aspinwall House – the main venue for Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016 – on Friday.

Describing various facets of art communication, Sarabhai said she finds it especially moving when the medium used effectively transmits what the artist wanted to say. “The Biennale is how art is meant to be showcased. It is a different space and difficult to describe,” she said.

Sarabhai has been a regular at the Biennale, having also visited in 2012 and 2014. “Even though I always come in a rush, stealing some time away from my performances at Thrissur and Kochi, I find it worth it,” said Sarabhai, who is based in Ahmedabad.

“The Biennale is an important fixture in India’s cultural map and I am very excited that it is happening, even though there had been some scepticism at first,” she said, observing that there seemed to be more women artists and performances this time around.

“In fact, I would like to come to the next edition of the Biennale and perform or create artworks using my performances,” Sarabhai said.


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