Architecture students find links between lessons, art at KMB 2016

KMEA College of Architecture students took in the Biennale on a recent field trip

Kochi, December 26: A day out of the classroom turned into a learning experience for a group of B. Arch students from KMEA College of Architecture who visited the ongoing third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) recently.

The field trip saw the students explore the possibilities for crossovers between architecture and art and to understand the relationship between the two disciplines.

“Architecture is said to be the mother of all arts. However, I felt that art is above all the others after visiting the Biennale. It is not only the works that are attractive, but the spaces that have transformed into artworks in themselves that are the highlight,” said Jain Joy, a B.Arch student.

The group was especially impressed by the Pavilion, fashioned from debris and discarded materials – including corrugated sheets and old saris from the local community – by architect and KMB 2016 participating artist Tony Joseph at the Cabral Yard venue in Fort Kochi.

“Being in the context of Fort Kochi – where the heritage component becomes a very strong factor as to how this built environment has morphed itself to accommodate artworks and also how artists have transformed their works to complement the spaces – creates a constant conversation between the built environment and artistic expressions,” Monolita Chatterjee, a practicing architect and teacher at KMEA College, said.

For Haritha Ranchit, the Biennale is a blend of all art forms. “It is not just the visual arts that are on display, but even experiential works that touch all five senses,” she said. While for Rashid Bin Ahmed, the Biennale was a 360 degree experience.

“Some works rebel against the existing system while other works reflect an introspective calmness. These aspects gift a unique ambience to the venues of the Biennale,” Rashid said.

“The objective of this visit was to provide the students both with a window into the world of contemporary art and also to improve their understanding of art, which has now acquired a multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory shape and form,” Chatterjee said.

KMB 2016 has even seen visits from colleges and schools from out of both city and state, including the Jamnabhai Narsee School from Mumbai.


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