DMICDC’s Logistics Data Bank to cover more port terminals

Mumbai, Nov 23: DMICDC’s Logistics Data Bank (LDB) service for tracking of container movement which began operations at three terminals at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) in Mumbai has extended it to a fourth terminal, with discussions now underway to expand the pioneering service to other ports in the country.

LDB, a system for near real-time tracking of EXIM containers using RFID technology as they move across the western corridor of India, was introduced in June at the JNPCT, NSICT and GTI terminals of the port where it has collectively tagged and de-tagged over 1.2 million containers so far.

The operations were recently extended to a fourth terminal at JNPT, the NhavaSheva International Gateway Terminal Private Limited (NSIGT), owned by Dubai Port World (DPW) which started its operations at JNPT from July this year. LDB has already provided visibility to more than 75,000 containers at NSIGT since the service began.

The LDB is operated by the DMICDC Logistics Data Services Limited (DLDS), a joint venture of DMICDC and Japanese IT major NEC Corporation, with 50:50 equity participation.

LDB users, through the mobile friendly web portal that acts as a single window interface, can trace the location of RFID tagged containers along a 1,500-km stretch from Mumbai to Dadri in Delhi NCR at 22 ICDs/ CFSs and seven toll plazas.

The DLDS is keen to provide similar services across other container handling ports of India.

“We are in advanced talks with the Gujarat Maritime Board and will hopefully be able to extend our services to some of the key ports in the state,” said DMICDC CEO and Managing Director Mr. Alkesh Sharma. “We expect the demand for the service to increase further as more and more logistics industry stakeholders realize the potential of LDB in saving them time, money and resources and in streamlining their production plans.”

The CEO of NhavaSheva ICT, Mr. Ravinder Singh Johal, said: “At NSICT and NSIGT, we constantly strive to adapt to the changing environment and our customers’ needs. In this endeavour, we always welcome the best practices that will benefit our end customers to a great extent. In LDB we see a lot of potential which can be a major breakthrough in the logistics and supply chain industry.”

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