Education Min C Raveendranath launches HLL’s ‘VENDIGO’ project

Sanitary napkin machines and incinerators to be installed in 150 govt. and aided schools

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 22: Launching HLL Lifecare Ltd’s ‘Manasa Plus’ as part of eight innovative projects that the Kerala government is set to introduce in the education sector, Education Minister Prof C Raveendranath today called for “comprehensive education that goes beyond just building professionally competent students.”

Under the Manasa Plus project, Central Government-owned HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL) is partnering with Thiruvananthapuram District Panchayat to install sanitary napkin vending machines, VENDIGO, and napkin incinerators, in 150 government and aided schools in Thiruvananthapuram district.

“Education should touch on every aspect of human life so that we help children build a positive aspect of society and have empathy for others,” the minister said, while launching the project at the Central Stadium in the city.

The newly-installed VENDIGO machines will enable girl students to access sanitary napkins at their schools at the touch of a button.  The machine dispenses “Happy Days” sanitary napkins, manufactured by HLL at its Kanagala factory in Belgaum. Additionally, the napkin incinerators will enable safe and environment-friendly disposal of used napkins.

District Panchayat President Shri VK Madhu said VENDIGO machines and incinerators would be installed at polytechnics and teacher training colleges in the district.

“We are proud to be associated with the Thiruvananthapuram district panchayat on this innovative and exemplary project that can be emulated across the country,” said HLL Managing Director Babu Thomas. “HLL is inspired to be part of this project with the aim of building a healthy generation of girls, who can then ably bring up the next generation. We have installed 4,500 vending machines and 2,500 incinerators across the country.”

Also present at the function were Health and Education Standing Committee Chairman V Renjith, District Panchayat Vice-President Adv Shailaja Begum, and District Panchayat Secretary Shri K Chandrashekaran Nair.


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