Biennale Music: ‘NanmayudeThalodal’- charity group offers patients a healing touch

144th edition of 'Arts and Medicine' pays tribute to legendary musician Shri. M Balamuralikrishna

Kochi, Nov 23:  Evergreen melodies from yesteryear wafted through the General Hospital here when singers from ‘NanmayudeThalodal’, a city-based friendship group noted for its charity activities, took to the stage for the weekly ‘Arts and Medicine’ Biennale Music show today.

Teen talent Amal Roy, who has been a semifinalist of the Malayalam television show ‘Super Star Junior’  emerged the star of the show with his delivery of songs that was appreciated by the audience - a mix of patients, bystanders and hospital staff.

“It gives me immense happiness to be a part of an initiative to provide solace to patients in distress”, said Roy who is the son of singer Jackson Roy and has won many prestigious prizes at the school level.

“Age is no barrier to be able to do something for others, I enjoy working with seniors and getting to learn a life-lesson a day…. I am successful in handling rehearsals for shows and academics in parallel”, said the enthusiastic teenage artist.

Roy was the youngest among today’s group of singers, which includes JabbarUppas who is also chairman of the friendship group and has held decorated positionsas Cochin Orchestra Director, Kerala Mappila Academy-State Vice president. He is a regular presence in the groups associated with cultural, social and art fields.

Along with other artistes Jackson Roy, Kunjumon,  Anaz Mohammed and Salim, the group strung together a total of 13 songs which got the audience humming and swaying along.

Jabbar began the programme on a devotional ambience with the song ‘SatyaNayaka’, followed by ‘Neela Malareh’ and followed it up with a medley of random songs hand-picked to suit the taste of the audience. Jabbar and Amal together concluded the show with ‘Husnul Jamal’- a popular folk number.

The NanmayudeThalodal’ group is active on social networking and messaging sites like Facebook and WhatsApp and has initiated several charity works.

Today’s performance marks the144thedition of the ‘Arts and Medicine’ programme, which is organized by Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and Lake Shore Hospital and Research Centre Limited . 


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