MobME launches ‘Geckolyst’– an analytics tool to enhance customer experience

  • Geckolyst to cater to enterprises across telecom, banking, airlines & retail

Kochi, Oct 31: Recognising customer experience as a major component of a sustainable enterprise, MobME - a leading technology company that has consistently delivered revenue generation capabilities to renowned brands - has launched ‘Geckolyst’, a pioneering product to analyze customer feedback to provide comprehensible information for enterprises.

MobME, India’s first campus startup which has been primarily focusing on providing mobility & related solutions to telecom players has expanded its range of technology to cater to needs of clients in e-Commerce, airlines and retail sectors.

“We have completed a decade of growth and are now focusing aggressively on customer experience analytics for all our enterprise customers,” said SathyaKalyanasundaram, Chief Executive Officer, MobME.

“Geckolyst allows an organization to integrate customer feedback from virtually any source, including call center data, survey responses, social media, customer emails, CRM systems, point of sale data, etc.  By collecting data from all sources of customer feedback and combining them into a centralized dashboard with an integrated complaint redressal engine – Geckolyst can help provide an immediate & accurate analysis of customer sentiment,” he explained.

The company has already started partnering with leading organisations in telecom, banking and retail to provide thisend to end customer experience analytics solution for their businesses.

MobME has carved a niche for itself by creating an array of innovative verticals.Chillr, a seamless way to transfer funds between bank accounts was launched in early 2015, and received Series A Funding of $7.25M from leading investment players including Sequoia Capital.

Digital Banking Labs, which helps BFSI companies drive their mobile technology initiatives-  has provided innovative mobility solutions to many leading banks & financial institutions across the country with a renewed emphasis on creating significant value by driving revenues and profitability.MobME now strategically focuses on three key verticals — the legacy telecom solutions, Customer Experience Analytics and Banking Solutions.

 “Each of these verticals has product and service capabilities that enable the provision of customer solutions at the highest level. MobME has implemented solution capabilities across the telecom &BFSI sectors,while continuing to add to its arsenal of product offerings,” the CEO said.

MobME was founded in 2006 by three enterprising engineering students while still pursuing their engineering. The team initially started with the telecom sector and later cemented its relationships with other sectors.

With a keen eye for innovation, the MobME team has been constantly experimenting with creating new products, with a goal to disrupt both mobile and financial technology.

“The launch of ‘Geckolyst’ will herald MobME’s aggressive bid to tap into a critical component of an enterprise, i.e. customer satisfaction. It will also mark the company’s next trajectory of growth. We have appointed a professional management team, and it shows the ability of the company to adapt effectively to the imperatives of changing times to achieve the goals,” Mr.Kalyanasundaram said. 

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