Flameless, zero carbon stove Agnisumukh wows visiting Royal chefs

New Delhi, Oct 26:Agnisumukh, a device capable of producing charcoal-like heat to cook food faster than conventional stoves but without emitting any flame, smoke, soot or noise has found admirers in top chefs from kitchens of the world’s leaders.


At a live cooking demo in the national capital, innovator Hari Rao and his team, along with Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Corporate Chef of ITC Hotels, showcased the Agnisumukh platform to visiting members of Le Club des Chef des Chef, an exclusive club of chefs to Presidents, Prime Ministers and royal Heads of State, which is meeting in India this year.

At a press conference held here for the CCC at The Imperial, Chef Montu Saini, Executive Chef to the President of India at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, praised the benefits of the device for cooking.

Incidentally, Saini, who was appointed head chef at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in 2015, has introduced on the menu his signature lamb dish, darbari gosht, which consists of a blend of fine lamb stock with slow-cooked lamb and a mix of spices, with a strong note of fennel.

Chef Mark Flanagan, the Royal Chef of Great Britain who viewed a demonstration of Indian cooking on the Agnisumukh, said anything that promotes clean cooking styles is good. 

“Universally there is a great movement for slow cooking and slow food. I was most impressed by what I saw yesterday was clean fuel. Some countries more than others struggle to provide clean fuel and anything that can be done that helps advance that and help to produce clean fuel is a wonderful thing,” he said.

The gas-fuelled Agnisumukh device is used not only in cooking but in other industrial applications wherever heat is needed because the temperature can reach to more than 1000 degree Celsius in a very short time.  

In commercial kitchens, the Agnisumukh innovation ensures healthier and tastier cooking, clean pots and pans, lower ambient heat in the kitchen, preserves nutrition in the food, and saves fuel, water and detergent. It is more thermally efficient and is safer as it operates under low gas pressure. When switched on, the stove’s ceramic burner turns orange-red and produces uniform heat like charcoal.

Agnisumukh innovation is internationally acclaimed as clean technology under the aegis of UNIDO. It is representing India for its clean technology in the side event of UNFCCC- COP22 to be held at Marrakesh, Morocco from November 14- 18.

Manufactured by Bengaluru-based company Agnisumukh, the stove has powered the kitchens of ITC Hotels in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Its clients include Infosys, Apollo Hospitals, Radisson Blu, and Park Plaza, among others.

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