KBF Let’s Talk: On the Nature of Structures

Eminent Author Anand, a participating artist in upcoming KMB 2016,
 delivers learned talk on constructs of faith and science

Kochi, Oct 23: Comparing and contrasting scripture and science, celebrated author Anand delivered here today a scholarly lecture replete with sharp observations on the persisting dual edifices of ideology and technology in the contemporary world. 

“There exists a strong relationship between engineering, ideology and utility. Every man-made vertical structure – whether faith-based or science-derived – has to come down to a horizontal level. That is an immutable law of nature,” the award-winning litterateur said.

Anand, an engineer-turned-writer and a participating artist in the upcoming third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB), shared his insights over the course of a ‘Let’s Talk’ event that cited instances from both religion and science to buttress his arguments about the gradual leveling of erected physical and dogmatic structures.

Titled ‘How Things Fall, or Refuse to Fall’, the evening discussion – presented by the Kochi Biennale Foundation (KBF) with the support of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Chavara Cultural Centre – flowed much like Anand’s writing, questioning the moral premises of power structures.

As highlighted through such seminal works as Aalkkoottam, Marana Certificate, Abhayarthikal, Govardhante Yatrakal and Marubhumikal Undakunnathu, Anand’s oeuvre is marked by humanism and keen exposition of the junctures between power, justice and people.

“Engineering structures, over periods of time, become weaker while structures of faith and ideology become stronger. Similar to physical structure, these metaphysical constructs offer spaces and solace for humans,” Anand said.

He added, however, that faith and ideology constrict mind space in that they force people to stray from logic and reason with an overriding emphasis on belief.

“Why should any God demand the blood of its own creations? This impulse to violence attests to the intensity of faith man carries and bolsters with his delusions,” Anand said, returning to his characteristic motif of resistance to absolutist tendencies.

KMB 2016 curator Sudarshan Shetty and KBF Secretary Riyas Komu were present at the hour-long discussion, which offered a taste of what to expect from Anand’s work at KMB 2016.

The nearly four-month-long event, the largest and most celebrated contemporary international art event in India, gets underway on 12/12/16.

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