Biennale Music: Hamsadhwani bonanza soothes patients at General Hospital

Kochi, Oct 12: Patients at the Government General Hospital here were treated to a musical bonanza by the HamsadhwaniSangeethSangh professional orchestra, under renowned conductor Jose Peter, as part of the Biennale’s weekly Arts and Medicine programme.

Seven vocalists put together a mellifluous programme here today  with songs devoted to the  memory of  late music composer M S Baburaj, who brought about a renaissance in Malayalam film music.

Singers BinuAnand K S, PoornashreeHaridas, Maria Das K J Peter, Babu Paul,  Riya Das, MalavikaRavindran, and Shinu Susan Paul participated in the programme titled ‘ThalirittaKinakkal than’.

Fourteen compositions of the maestro were sung by the troupe which opened the event with the scintillating number, ‘AadhiyilVachanamUndayi and concluding with ‘VaasanthaPanchamiNaalil’.

The duet by Maria Das and RiyaDas ,AkaleAkale received  huge applause from the audience comprising a motley crowd of patients, bystanders and hospital staff.  The singers straddled the golden era into the contemporary set up on a sunlit lawn within the hospital.

The orchestra had in earlier months dedicated programmes to veteran music directors Arjunan Master and Johnson Master.

 “Under the banner of HamsadhwaniSangeethSangh , we take under our wings artistes of  exceptional potential and help them to showcase their talent in front of an audience which enhances them to be pushed to the forefront. An overall uplift of the styles and genre of music each singer adopts is brought about through persistent rehearsals”, said the inspiring music conductor.

“The event marks the 138th edition of the Arts and Medicine project, which was launched in the year 2014 and organized every Wednesday by the  Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre Limited.

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