Spices Board clarifies it is not promoting Large Cardamom cultivation in Kerala

Idukki, October 6: The Spices Board has clarified that it is not promoting the cultivation of Large Cardamom in Kerala after coming across instances of a few nurseries in Idukki district selling seedlings by giving a wrong impression that the Board is encouraging farmers in the region to grow this spice.


It has come to the Spices Board’s attention that some nursery owners are using the Board’s name and website to suggest that it is officially promoting the cultivation of large cardamom in Kerala.


The Board, under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, has clarified that it does not have any research data or information that supports the commercial cultivation and performance of Large Cardamom in the agro-climatic conditions of Kerala.


Spices Board has said that growers taking up Large Cardamom cultivation would be doing so at their sole discretion and that the Board does not bear any responsibility — moral, technical or financial — in this matter.


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