Festivals like SiGNS vital in channelizing a disoriented generation: Kamal

Kochi, September 28: Stressing upon the importance of film societies and the importance of their efforts, Chalachitra Academy Chairman Kamal officially inaugurated the tenth edition of SiGNS short film and documentary festival on Wednesday at Ernakulam Townhall.

Ex MP Sebastian Paul released the festival book by presenting the first copy to actress Sajitha Madathil during the function.

“The start of 1990’s saw a generation that was confused and disoriented, which was reflected first in our campuses, and subsequently in culture, art and cinema. This trend has slowly changed after the mid 2000, the positive changes from it resonating through film societies also, when a lot of energetic youth showed interest in good cinema. This is a time when film societies should redefine and revitalise their interventions by reaching out to common people, and SiGNS is one such effort,” said Kamal while addressing the gathering.

“Film festivals like SiGNS is not just a space for viewing films, but a platform where discussions about politics, culture and various other social issues are discussed in a constructive manner,” said Kamal while delivering the keynote address.  “At the times when film making and film viewing have become an individual experience, where one can simply watch a movie in mobile phone or television, festivals like SiGNS is relevant for its collectiveness and the cinematic culture it proposes,” said the acclaimed Malayalam director.

“SiGNS provides a vibrant platform for video filmmakers from all over India to present their works, watch what their peers are doing and to discuss contemporary issues facing their art and times,” said CS Venkiteswaran, Artistic Director, Signs, during the opening ceremony.

Delivering the presidential address, FFSI Vice President, Shri Chelavur Venu expressed his concerns on the declining number of viewers for cinema. “The current generation is getting further detached from our art forms and cinema and if this trend continues many of our art forms will disappear soon, including serious cinema, ”said Chelavur Venu.

Shri M Gopinathan, Secretary of Metro Film Society, Shri VK Joseph, Secretary of FFSI, Shri Satyapal, Chairman, Kerala Lalitakala Academy, and Shri Bonny Thomas, trustee of KMB attended the opening ceremony.







Organised by the Federation of Film Society of India (FFSI) Kerala, in association with the Kochi Biennale Foundation, SiGNS 2016 will screen almost 200 short films and documentaries in two venues at the Ernakulam Town Hall, with open forums and seminars for participating filmmakers. All screenings are free to the public. The festival will run till October 2.

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