USFDA calls for greater collaborations to meet compliance norms

Vishakhapatnam, Sept 25: Recognizing the importance of timely and effective collaboration between India and the food and drug regulatory body of the United States, the Director of Delhi based USFDA’s India office, Dr Mathew T Thomas has called for a collaboration of the best practices in the farmed shrimp industry to minimize the extent of export rejections into the US.

Major Indian exporters, while agreeing that the FDA was justified in its regulations, said all attempts were being made by the government to collaborate extensively with the regulatory body and boost information sharing. This has not only led to lesser consignment rejections but also a greater awareness amongst Indian exporters who are now consistently adhering to stricter quality control standards.

Speaking at a technical conference at the 20th edition of the India International Seafood Trade Fair, at Vishakhapatnam, Dr. Mathew said the USFDA’s India office would welcome any suggestions in this regard. He also stressed on the significance of self-compliance and said this was an opportune time for the regulatory body to respond to the Indian government’s national vision.

India, he noted, was the 7th largest exporter of seafood products into the US of which aqua cultured shrimp was the highest value product.

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