Profoundis founders ArjunPillai and Jofin Joseph to teach at Startup Village as Visiting Faculty

Kochi, Aug 25: Following the footsteps of Silicon Valley founders of sharing knowledge and supporting each other, Profoundis Labs creators Arjun R Pillai and Jofin Joseph will teach at Startup Village as Visiting Faculty to help budding entrepreneurs set up their early stage enterprises.


In the startup world, the community shares its learning with everyone. This helps many other people succeed who then share their new knowledge and experience with young founders in creating a cycle of successful startups. This culture is crucial in the creation of a startup ecosystem.


"The success of Profoundis is a wake-up call to the entire student community in India to leverage the opportunity of a lifetime to build a global business while in college. With the Internet, we can now teach everyone on how to build a startup anywhere in India,” said Sanjay Vijayakumar, Chairman, Startup Village.


Young startups need role models to draw inspiration from. Like a swimming coach who needs to know swimming, a startup mentor must have built a startup to share his experience, he pointed out.


"There are very few mentors with product startup experience in our country. With the new digital platform SV.CO, the knowledge can be shared with students across India," said Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chief Mentor, Startup Village.


"Office Hours" is a key component of the SV.CO’s #StartInCollegeprogramme where engineering students can learn from industry faculty through 20-minute online sessions using Google Hangout to clear their doubts.


Pillai, the CEO of Profoundis, will share his global experiences in fundraising and identifying startup opportunities across the world from India. Joseph will teach on how to build startup teams and manage startup operations.


"Sharing our knowledge and experience is the biggest way we can give back to the startup community. We were lucky to have learnt from people like Kris Gopalakrishnan in our early days as entrepreneurs. It is now time for us to repay by teaching everyone with all the knowledge that we have gained," Pillai said.


Profoundis, which was incubated at Startup Village, is known for its flagship product, VIBE, which looks up email addresses through the APIs (Application programming Interface) of most popular social networks to retrieve links to profiles, homepages, and displays short biographies of people. Profoundis, was recently acquired by FullContact, a US-based contact management solution.

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