Biennale Music: Hamsadhwani brings musical extravaganza to General Hospital

Kochi, July 20:Jose Peter, the founder of noted music band ‘Hamsadhwani Sangeeth Sangh’ dedicated the 127thedition of the Kochi Biennale Foundation’s weekly‘Arts and Medicine’programme today to the late music director Johnson Master under whom he learnt the fundamentals of music.

As an assistant to the legendary composer for over fourteen years in Chennai, Peter says he learnt the basics and the complexities of music from the master.Peter was later prompted  to establish ‘Hamsadhwani’ as an inspiration to budding singers and artists.

It was fitting then that the troupe should pick some of Johnson Master’s finest compositions to bring solace and happiness to patients at the General Hospital which hosts the weekly Arts and Medicine programme.

Hamsadhwani’s singers Amrita Raj, Sanjana Zachariah, A R Nandana, Shiney Jojo and Shebir belted out one hit after the other for a packed audience of patients, hospital staff and bystanders.

Amrita opened the show with the song ‘Anuraagameh’ (Hello Darling, 1975). The duets ‘kannumKannum’ (Angadi, 1980) by Shebir/Sanjana duo and ‘Val kannezhuthiya’, (Paithrukam, 1993) by Nandana and Amrita Raj drew loud applause from the crowds. Thirteen retro numbers were beautifully rendered much to the entertainment of the people.

As homage to late Johnson Master and on the fifth  anniversaryof his death coming up on August 18th, Peter has concrete plans to organise a musical programme involving  young talented singers.

To be part of a show which caters to the musical taste of the listeners who are distressed, overwhelmed by emotions and vulnerable to illnesses is a blessing, said the singers.

Arts and Medicine is organised every Wednesday by the  Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre Limited.

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