Let’s Talk: The Past, Present and Prospects for Palestine

Kochi Biennale Foundation will host discussion of the Israel-Palestine question

Kochi, July 17: One of the most enduring and intractable contemporary conflicts – the decades-old hostility between Palestine and Israel – will be critically examined over an evening conversation between eminent Israeli scholar Prof. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin and distinguished cultural theorist Ashis Nandy.

Titled ‘Decolonisation: a Palestine-Israel Perspective’, the discussion – the next installment in the Kochi Biennale Foundation’s (KBF) popular ‘Let’s Talk’ public conversation series – will take place at BTH, Ernakulam, on Tuesday (July 19) from 5 pm on.

Prof. Raz-Krakotzkin, a prolific contributor to the fields of early modern Hebrew printing and censorship; Hebraism and early modern Christian-Jewish discourse; secularism and orientalism; and  exile and its negation in Zionist discourse, will first deliver a talk on the contested history of the Palestinian region of West Asia through the prism of decolonisation.

The presentation will then address the future of the political imbroglio in Israel-Palestine, deploying the notion of bi-nationalism, where it is not a political solution, but rather a set of principles by which to think about the future.

The conversation between Prof. Raz-Krakotzkin and Dr. Nandy will follow the presentation. The discussion then will be opened to the audience for questions.

The event is hosted by the KBF with the support of the Backwaters Collective – a prominent academic community of which Dr. Nandy is a member – and the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.

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