Biennale Music: Cochin College alumni relive student days in rain

Kochi, June 8: If monsoons trigger memories about the days of reopening of college, then a group of youngsters best relived them by singing together on a rainy day—years after they parted as students.

The June showers were least a spoiler for the vocalists of the Alumni Association of Cochin College at a show today; in fact the pitter-patter added spirit to their performance here for ‘Arts and Medicine’ at the Government General Hospital Ernakulam.

The 123rd edition of the weekly programme was led by well-known singers Pradeep Palluruthy and Prakash Babu, who studied in Cochin College—though in different periods. This session came alive, as the duo came up with colourful renditions that proved solace for the patients, bystanders and hospital staff.

Aptly, Pradeep and Prakash crooned the jovial song ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge’ from the 1975 Bollywood super-hit ‘Sholay’ where stars Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra ride their journey together, picturising their inseparable bond as two pals.

The show organized by kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra brings in various artistes and singers every Wednesday to render radiance and solace to the patients.

“Being a part of this show brings back memories in more ways than one,” gushed Pradeep at the forenoon programme, organized by Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Lakeshore Hospital & Research Centre and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra. “It has given us a platform to reminisce the good old college days afresh!”

Added Prakash: “To be able to be of help to others this way by spreading happiness through music is delightful.”

Renowned singer Afsal could not attend the show, yet the otherwise staid premises of the hospital burst into vibrancy as the singers voiced out songs from Hindi and Malayalam movies. Overall, various artistes rendered a total of 15 songs, much to the joy of the crowd.

Starting from ‘Ayiram Katham’, from the Malayalam 1977 movie ‘Harshabashpam’ to the   Hindi song ‘Mera Jeevan Kora Kaagaz’ (‘Aradhana’) and ‘Mere naina’ (‘Mehbooba’), they also came up with Saleem Kumar’s whistle song ‘Madurikkum Ormakale’  (‘Karanavar’) among other heart-warming numbers.

Pradeep, who was a student at Cochin College during 1979-81, has sung in about 25 films. Prakash learned in the same college during 1987-89.

Others on stage included Prof. Sharath Chandran who heads the physics department at Cochin College, Cochin Central Excise & Customs Assistant Commissioner T P Salim Kumar (who is also the general secretary of Alumni Association) and Bijoy, station master at Sothern Railways.

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