Buyers from Moscow keen to buy Kerala coir

Alappuzha, Feb 3: Russia has shown renewed interest in Kerala’s coir, as an eight-member team of traders and manufacturers from Moscow has shown keenness to buy the Kerala product—some for the first time.

At the inaugural ceremony to Coir Kerala 2016, Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala requested all the foreign delegates at the five-day event to tell the world about the natural product that is eco-friendly and sturdy.

Among the potential buyers from abroad is Anastasia Perevezentseva, who is from a furniture company that wants to introduce coir mattresses to Russia. “We want to find out the possibility of importing to our country coconut fibre mats of about 1cm thickness that can be used in bedding,” she said. “Russia would be a new destination for coir products.”

Apart from furnishing and as a popular matting material, it is used as fillers in car seats, and the Russian contingent is also considering coir as a geotextile for building requirements. Gia Bigava usually procures coir, for his company’s landscaping business, from Sri Lanka. Now, since attending the event, he is considering getting it from Kerala.

Though most of the team speaks only their native language, they are able to communicate easily with the local officials thanks to visiting team member Raghunathan Pillai, a Malayali businessman, who has settled in the Russian capital nearly three decades ago. He is positive about inking a contract for a “good volume of coco latex (rubberised coir)”.


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