Commercialising innovative Coir products is need of the hour: Minister Adoor Prakash

Alappuzha, Feb 2: Hailing indigenously developed coir-based technologies as exemplars of marketable innovation, Minister for Revenue and Coir Shri Adoor Prakash today called for sustained efforts to increase their profitability.  

The minister was presiding over an international seminar on ‘Development of Organic Sound Panelling System using Coir Products’ at the EMS stadium, the venue for Coir Kerala 2016.  The session, inaugurated by Minister for Agriculture Shri K.P. Mohanan, discussed the various applications of coir’s natural sound-absorption properties.

The ‘Accoir’ sound paneling system, developed by the National Coir Research and Management Institute (NCRMI) in partnership with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), came in for special praise.

“Accoir is a superior, sustainable yet low-cost and organic alternative to synthetic acoustic design products that are presently being used in construction, architecture and engineering,” Shri Adoor Prakash said.

Noting that “acoustic panels used for interior decoration and as sound barriers is still a very niche market”, he said that “introducing an organic product in this segment, especially the one derived from as sustainable a material as coir, could be a very successful move commercially for both the coir sector and our commercial partners”.

To this end, he said the state government would initiate a PPP along the lines of the CIAL (Cochin International Airport Limited)model.

Stating that “every seed and every plant of Kerala is the pride of the state”, Shri Mohanan lamented that the domestic consumer harbours the mindset that processed, imported goods are better than “our own natural bounty”.

“From virgin coconut oil to coir, the gifts of the coconut and agriculture are being lost to the people,” he said, hoping that “such seminars will teach us the importance of our home-grown produce and products”.

Delivering the vote of thanks, NCRMI director Dr K.R. Anil said, “Accoir is a long-cherished dream of the coir sector: to develop innovative, commercially-viable and sustainable products.”  

The seminar was attended by representatives of IIID, architects Shri Sajan Pulimoodu, Shri Babu Cheriyan and Shri Mathew M. George, among others.

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