Love, Stagnation and the Morbid

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 9: Kerala’s enthusiasm for the exotic was evident at Kanakakkunu, as delegates flocked to the Nishagandhi auditorium to watch French movie ‘Love’ directed by Gasper Noe, which tells  a tantalizing story of a couple in search of the darkest versions of passion.

The 3 D movie full of explicit scenes had already been screened at IFFI, Goa, launching an eager wait for IFFK delegates in Thiruvananthapuram. The movie wades into the past of Murphy’s chaotic love affair with Electra through his disturbed memories. The couple during their two year long affair transits through hysteric shades of love under the influence of drugs and psycho active substances. The movie offers a counter culture experience with an excess of estranged fantasies, emotional burst outs and blissful moments in a relationship.

Movie from competition section, Project of the Centaury by Argentinean director Carlos Machado Quintela, got massive reception even at its second screening at Sree Kumar theatre today. The film conjures the isolated lives of a Cuban family who share their grievances and frustrations of people from three different generations inside the four walls of their home.  Leo , Raafael and Otto are the three central characters, portraying the roles of son, father and grandfather respectively in the movie, which expresses their exasperations in different forms based on their lives’ experiences faced during the cold war period in Cuban history.

Delegates were seen queuing up at Tagore for the 9 am show of Immortal directed by Iranian film maker  Hadi Mohaghegh , a movie which haunts the human mind with its masterful depiction of an old man named Ayaz, unwanted by death . Ayaz who submerges himself in feelings of guilt after his family was wiped out in a road accident when he was on the wheel, Ayaz finds ways to kill himself, but fails. The film, through some intriguing frames, portrays the pain and deterioration of soul and body as Ayaz is ignored by death. The movie is included in this year’s competition section, provokes thoughts on death and its absence.

‘The Unfair’ from Korean Panorama section and ‘Lamb’ from ‘First look’ section were also among the top rated movies on day 5 at IFFK 2015

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