Today’s Schedule: IFFK

Thiruvananthapuram Dec 8: List of films to be shown on 9th of December as part of IFFK (Theatre, Film, Country and Time)

Kairali: Ozhivudivasathe Kali (India) 8:45am, Bleak Street (Mexico) 11:45am, Song of the Horned Owl (India) 2:00pm, Like a Play (India) 6:30pm, Ottaal (India) 9:00pm 

Sree: Vanishing Point (Thailand) 9:00am, The Unfair (South Korea) 11:30am, Mon Roi (France) 2:15pm, The Black Hen (Nepal) 6:45pm, Under Electric Clouds (Russia, Ukraine, Poland) 9:15pm


Nila: NN (Peru) 9:15am, Narenji Poush (Iran) 11:45am, The Beauty (Lithuania) 2:30pm, The Lesson (Bulgaria, Greece) 6:45pm, Damaged (Poland) 9:30pm

Dhanya: Carte Blanche (Poland) 9:00am, Kaatum Mazhayum (India) 11:30am, Land and Shade (Columbia, France, Netherlands) 2:15pm, Early Winter (Canada, Australia) 6:45pm, Sunstroke (Russia) 9:15pm

Remya: Big Father Small Father and Other Stories (Vietnam) 9:15am, Pan (USA, UK, Australia) 11:45am, Memories on Stone (Germany, Iraq) 2:30pm, Price of Love (Ethiopia) 7:00pm, Tanna (Australia) 9:30pm

New Screen 1: The Night Watchman (France) 8:45am, Entanglment (Turkey) 11:45am, Hopefuls (Brazils) 2:00pm, Lamb (Ethiopia, France, Germany, Norway, Qatar) 6:30pm, Petting Zoo (Germany, Greece, USA) 9:00pm

New Screen 2: The Violin Player (India) 9:00am, Munroe Thuruthu (India) 2:15pm, Pathemari (India) 9:15pm

New Screen 3: Amma Ariyan (India) 9:15am, The Collectress (Lithuania) 11:45am, Transylvaniya (France) 2:30pm, Clown of Salesman (South Korea) 7:00pm, Kaagaz Ke Phool (India) 9:30pm

Nishagandhi: Chevalier (Greece) 10:30am, The Dark Horse (New Zealand) 1:00am, Clarisse or Something about us (Brazil) 6:15pm, The Idol (Palestine) 8:30pm, Love (France, Belgium) 10:30pm

Kalabhavan: Avery Ordinary Citizen (Iran, Czech Republic) 9:00am, Cinemawala (India) 11:30am, Shadow Behind the Moon (Philippines) 2:15pm, Kutrame Thandanai (India) 6:45pm, Free in Deed (USA, New Zealand) 9:15pm

Sree Kumar: Lucifer (Mexico, Belgium) 9:00am, Jalal’s Story (Bangladesh) 11:30am, The Summer of Sngaile (Lithuania, France, Netherlands) 2:15pm, Project of the Century (Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland) 6:45pm, Human (France) 9:15pm

Sree Visakh: A Monster with a Thousand Heads (Mexico) 9:15am, Yona (Israel) 11:45am, Hongkong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous (Hongkong) 2:30pm, Anton T’checkov 1890 (France) 7:00pm, Kill Me Please (Brazil, Argentina) 9:30pm

Tagore: Immortal (Iran) 9:00am, Paulina (Argentina, Brazil, France) 11.30am, Youth (Italy, France, Switzerland) 2:15pm, Bopem (Kazakhstan) 6:45pm, My Mother (Italy, France) 9:15pm

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