Munroe Thuruthu and Stop among the most discussed films on IFFK day 3

Thiruvananthapuram, December 7: The powerful themes combined with subtle filmmaking in movies like Munroe Thuruth and Stop drew the crowds  on day three of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK).

Debutant director P S Manu’s Munroe Thuruthu rose to the crowd expectations at its first screening at New Theatre Screen 1. The movie starts with the arrival of a young man and his father to Munroe island, where his grandfather resides. One of Malayalam’s most underrated actors, Indrans, excelled as the grandfather who tries to outsmart his eccentric grandson.

The thin line between sanity and insanity is questioned through the movie. Manu, who attended the screening, said that the location is symbolic of human minds, which are like different islands of thought that are always in danger of sinking. The screening was attended by director, cast and crew of the movie.

Kerala’s favourite Korean filmmaker Kim Ki Duk’s Stop expectedly screened to a huge audience. Online reservations to the movie closed in less than 15 minutes.

A strong response against nuclear energy and the accidents caused by it, Stop follows a couple who survive the Fukushima nuclear tragedy and leave for Tokyo, where they are caught in a dilemma about whether to keep or abort their baby over fears of radioactive contamination causing disabilities in the foetus.

Kim Ki Duk uses his old compelling ways of one-on-one conversations to put across messages of utopian notions against the use of electricity. Unlike the excessive violence and obscenity which is attached to Kim’s filmmaking, Stop comes as a different experience, where a social cause is discussed through a couple’s perspective.

Ozhivudivasathe Kali by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan in the Malayalam Cinema Today segment was also a big draw at IFFK. The plot revolves around the reunion of five friends coming from different social backgrounds to enjoy a holiday in a forest resort. The simple screenplay and filmmaking style received appreciation from the crowd.

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