Piracy a Road block: Argentine Film Maker

Thiruvananthapuram, December 8: Piracy poses a threat to the growth of cinema by reducing the movie goers in Argentina, said the local film maker cum producer Pablo Chernov, whose Cuban movie Project of the Century is one among the films in  the competition category.

He, along with the Turkish Director, Tunc Davut (Entanglement), actress Sabrina Greve (Something about us), film organiser Suzanne Sanders, and director KM Kamal was addressing a  press conference held at the Tagore theatre on the fourth day of the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Pablo said that Argentina, unlike India has a very small population of forty million and among this only a very small percentage watch movies. Post  1990’s, Argentina had a new wave of cinema which brought in more directors and producers.

“Both commercial and independent cinemas cater to a very small market. Around 100 films are released each year, of which only 10 goes around the country,” Pablo said.

Sabrina Greve, the actress in Something About Us said that this is the first time that her Brazilian cinema is being screened to an international audience which provided an enriching and fruitful experience here.

“Screening a Brazilian movie for a foreign audience is a different experience”, she added.

Film organiser Suzanne Sanders shared her joy of being amongst the curious and eager crowd in Kerala. “There is a feminine and woman movement happening in Argentina since women are taking up predominant roles in the society”, Suzanne added.


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