IFFK at 20: International filmmakers introduce foreign production schemes

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 07: The landscapes and vistas captured in foreign movies have always held an added element of enticement to Indian film buffs. Not a few times have cinemagoers opined that they watch some movies just to enjoy the locations where they are shot.

International film professionals participating in the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) 2015 have offered up lucrative incentives for Indian productions in their respective countries. This has set off heated discussions among Indian filmmakers at IFFK venues and elsewhere about shooting their future projects in foreign nations

The guests also highlighted a raft of benefits besides incentives, including filmmaker-friendly infrastructure and favourable exchange rates. Representatives of the tourism and culture boards of Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, France and Latin American nations promptly came up with initiatives for promoting foreign productions.

“In Sri Lanka, the government and film corporations support foreign production with incentives. As the film industry is developing in our nation, we are not yet able to support the foreign filmmaking with modern equipments, said Dirty, Yellow, Darkness director Kalpana Ariyawansa. “But we do have a quality domestic support structure for shooting a movie.”

Aikyn Kalykov, of Kazakh film Bopem fame, said the situation was similar in his country. “Foreign film production is on rise in Kazakhstan, giving youngsters an opportunity to find good movie works,” he said.

Meanwhile in France, the National Centre for Cinematography has introduced the incentive, ‘Tax Rebate for International Production’ (TRIP), encouraging films to shoot wholly or partly in France.

“Such steps cushion the filmmakers’ efforts to shoot a movie or at least a scene in France. However, the only demand is the project should include elements related to French or European culture, heritage and territory,” said Laurent Lariviere, who directed the French-Belgian production I am a soldier

Apart from these countries, Australia, Columbia, Ireland, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and some European nations have most attractive offers for foreign productions.

“Even though we are aware of some of the schemes provided by foreign nations in film production, the interaction with foreign filmmakers has given us more idea,” said Malayalam director Kamal.

“This will surely prompt us for shooting appropriate future projects there,” he added.

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