Indian cinema has huge influence on Latin American films: Peruvian Director Daniel Molro

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 5: Highlighting the enormous influence of Indian cinema on Latin Americam film industry, noted Director Juan Daniel F. Molro of Peru said today that movies have the capability to cross the oceans and communicate irrespective of language, culture and creed.

“We, Latin Americans often enjoy movies from Asia, particularly India,” he said during the inaugural ‘Meet the Director’ session organised at Tagore Theatre on the sidelines of the ongoing International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK).

“India as a whole is different but has many similarities when compared to Peru,” said the director, who is participating in the 20th edition of IFFK with his movie ‘Videophilia’.

Renowned movie directors Hadi Mohaghegh from Iran, Laurent Lariviere from France and Shakhwan Idrees from Kurdistan spoke about the prospects of their movies and movie-making in the region.

The session shed light on the culture of ‘Movie Funding’. The directors also shared the challenges they had faced in acquiring funding for their movies.

According to Laurent Lariviere, the director of ‘I am a Soldier’, his establishment named ‘National Centre for Cinematography’ accumulates funds by conducting film festivals and from other sources. “The agency also has a jury which shortlists movies and provide funds for the selected movies,” added Laurent. 

However, the movie-makers from Iran, Peru and Kurdistan noted that they often rely on private funding. “According to my opinion, our first movie should be made with minimum funding. However, lack of funding should not affect the creativity,” said Hadi, director of ‘Immortal’.

Festival Director T Rajeev Nath, during a festival supplement release held prior to ‘Meet the Director’ session, pointed out that cinema funding is a serious issue which should be discussed at the IFFK. “We are not able to completely exploit the talents of the likes of director K R Mohanan because of lack of proper cinema funding,” he added. 


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