IFFK at 20: Venues at the festival invoke nostalgia

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 6: The International Film Festival of Kerala, with its ambience at the  Tagore theatre premises, will take one down the memory lane, reminisces the old village life of Kerala with the thatched roof tea stall, a landmark for any village that formed the main venue for various political and personal debates.

Even though many movies have, off late tried to recreate the old village life, it offers a different experience and stings many with nostalgia when the same reappears in front of any film lover. Here, one can see mouth-watering snacks and sweets kept in the glass boxes of the tea shops, a bullock-cart with pasted movie posters, film print box kept in a cycle.

The Delegate Cell named Chithramalika talkies is built on the model of an old cinema theatre. In the wake of IFFK celebrating its 20th birth year, the cell displays a total 20 logos of the festival.

Similarly, the gateway of Kanakakunnu, yet another venue for IFFK has been designed in the model of the  East Fort entrance.

"We wanted to infuse excitement and nostalgia of the village life in the minds of movie lovers, hence we designed the IFFK venues in this model, said the venue designer, Hailesh.

Hailesh worked for IFFK with his rich knowledge and experience he gained through his art direction in Soorya festival stage setting and designing the floats for the Onam pageantry.

Doordarshan Additional Director, Shri Baiju Chandran said that designing IFFK in this model would help the foreigners to get a feel of the capital city other, other than just the movie experience.

While the Women Development Corporation Project Manager Athira Menon is of the vies  that the festival offers nostalgic treat to the eyes with the objects and images disappearing  from our society, a degree student from Bangalore, Sachin Suresh said that this experience provide them with vintage memories in this fast-paced modern world.

Sachin also expressed his joy of being part of the festival after a long period.


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