Hariharan: ‘Tribute to Vincent Master is Timely and Appropriate’

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 6: The upcoming 20th edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) will pay homage to the late great filmmaker and cinematographer Aloysius Vincent, better known as Vincent Master (1928-2015).

A selection of his classic works will be screened at festival venues. National Award-winning director Hariharan, who will curate the tribute, called it “timely and appropriate”. 

 “He was a doyen of the Malayalam and Indian film industry,” Hariharan said. “Every filmmaker, art director, cameraman and technician of my vintage looked up to him. Everyone that followed us owes him a debt. He was a true pioneer.”

“He was a true maestro who would create brilliant visuals and special effects with just his simple camera by shooting in a variety of angles, lights, positions and frames.”

Hariharan recalls that it was Vincent Master who brought in transformative changes – like doing away with artificial lighting – to the Indian filmmaking industry, contributing immensely to the evolution of cinema and mise-en-scene from its traditional theatrical roots and portrayal.

“He revealed the importance of photography in movies through a fresh, realistic approach that is very evident in his acclaimed works in all the south Indian languages and Bollywood.”

From the mid-1960s on, Vincent Master directed some 30 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam, including such landmarks asBhargavi Nilayam (1964) and Murappennu (1965).

 “Vincent master was also a good teacher,” Hariharan said. “He was very kind to spend time with young directors and trained many renowned cinematographers, directors and art directors that followed.”

 “As such, he was the inspiration for a generation to learn and practice the methods and nuances of cinema. He laid the foundations and benchmarks for what Malayalam cinema is today. For this alone, he deserves our eternal gratitude and acknowledgements.”

IFFK 2015, Kerala’s premier film festival, will run from December 4 -11.

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