#FUTURE: Maker Village showcases innovations that make lives easy

Kochi, Mar 22: Startups from Kerala’s flagship product incubator Maker Village brought a surprise package to the #FUTURE Global Digital Summit, wowing visitors with a host of innovations designed to make everyday lives easier.

At the two-day summit which opened today, 11 startups from Maker Village showcased their products and services at the special Digital Zone with demos and video presentations.

Among them was OTOME, a home automation system that not just wakes people up in the morning, but fires up all their home electronic devices and applications too.

Resnova Technologies addresses a problem that many today are concerned about — the quality of milk. Their cattle milking machine that doubles up as a disease diagnostic tool could potentially help dairy farmers to tackle cattle diseases before they become full-blown epidemics.

Another technology designed for small businesses is Perfit, a 3D scanner that can take automatically take measurements for dressmaking, ensuring precision and hassle-free experience.

 The automated bicycle sharing system – INSPIREN makes it easy to lock and unlock bikes, and use them. NAVA — the automated Neera harvesting system — helps consumers get chilled pure tender coconut water.

Technorip is an innovation that makes it easy to track misplaced or lost valuables. EyeROV Technologies has come up with an underwater drone for rescue and surveillance and ASIMOV Robotics is has created a service robots that can be used across industries, from banking to hospitality to healthcare.

Nyokas Technologies has come up with smart e-textiles that can fashion protective garments for women and stave off physical attackers.

 “Maker Village is already working on futuristic technologies in the area of robotics, wearables, cognitive intelligence, electric mobility etc. This platform paves the way for learning and adopting the versatile ideas of the delegates in this field who are attending this summit,” said COO Roshan Kalani, Kochi Maker Village.

“The digital development aimed through #FUTURE is only achieved through innovative startups. And Maker Village is proud to be responsible for the development of startups that will be catalysts for Kerala’s Digital Development,” said CEO Prasad Balakrishnan.   



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