Spices Board strengthens mandatory sampling and testing to prevent adulteration of export consignments of cumin seeds

Ahmedabad May 10: Surveillance sampling and testing conducted by the Board found adulteration in a cumin seed export consignment of 12.5 MTs in a Gujarat-based Exporting Unit. Quality Evaluation Laboratory of the Board at Kandla (Gujarat) had reported the presence of 23.33% extraneous matter against maximum limit of 3% in the sample taken from the lot, which was a clear indication of adulteration.

Pursuing the matter, the Board informed Food & Drugs Control Administration, Gujarat and the department seized the consignment and also picked up samples for analysis. 

The Board had introduced mandatory sampling and testing for export consignment of cumin seeds with effect from March 01, 2014 for testing the presence of extraneous matters and other seeds.

“We are absolutely vigilant about the quality of spices consignments for exports. We have set up state of the art regional laboratories and are taking stringent measures to monitor the quality of export consignments of spices and stop the adulteration through surveillance sampling at the major export centers. If the presence of extraneous matters and other seeds in Cumin seeds is above the permissible limit, the consignment shall not be allowed for the export,” Spices Board Chairman Dr. A. Jayathilak said today.

India is the major exporter of cumin and is known for its quality in the international market. During April-Dec 2017, cumin was the second-highest exported spice with a volume of 104,260 tonnes and fetched Rs.1761.70 crore.

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