Spices Board asks cardamom growers to report discrepancies in payment sold through auctions

Idukki, Apr 20: Spices Board has urged the cardamom growers to report discrepancies, if any, in payment related to cardamom sold through auctions.

The farmers who have not received the payments from the auctioneers, even after the due date, are requested to inform the Board in writing with proof of sale so appropriate action is taken in this regard.

The Cardamom (Licensing and Marketing) Amendment Rules 2014 stipulates that the auctioneer shall pay the growers, whose cardamom is pooled, the applicable sale value of the cardamom sold in an auction within ten days from the date of the auction.

 However, various reports have pointed to the possibility of delays, beyond the mandated period, in making payments to the cardamom growers and the Board has decided to invoke the bank guarantee of auctioneers if there is a default in grower payments.



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