Biennale Music: 13-year-old joinssinger couple ShubaRenjini and Renjith S Rat General Hospital

Kochi, Jan 17: Fathima, a school student and an outpatient at the Government General hospital, Ernakulam, had a pleasant surprise when  she got a chance to render a melodious song of yesteryear in the midst of performance of  singer couple ShubhaRenjini and

RenjithS R at the weekly ‘Arts and Medicine’ programmeorganised by the Kochi Biennale Foundation here today.

Fathima, a 13-year-old of  AlAmeen School,  who was among the crowd that turned up for the event,  approached  the organizers, KBF and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra, who were only too  happy to concede her request  for  a chance to  singon the same platform.

This week marked the 204th episode of ‘Arts and Medicine’ Programme, the all Wednesday music extravaganza, a joint initiative of KBF and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra ,sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services).

When she rendered theemotionalall-time hit  “SandhyeKannerithinthe…”, the audience, already immersed in the songs of ShubaRenjini and Renjith, was quick to respond with a loud applause.

ShubaRenjini, an employee of the Union Bank ,had  performed  for the weekly concert earlier also this being  her second outing.

“I have been associating with the Mehboob Memorial Orchestra for the last many years. Singing with them is just like being with my own people. Above all, I am fortunate to associate with them again and that too for a noble cause.”

An artist in the All India Radio, ShubaRenjini has sung for  RaveendranMaster, the popular South Indian Composer, for the film 'Chakram’. She has also featured in several albums and Malayalamtele serials besides participating  in various channel shows and Ghazal programmes.

Renjith S R, her husband and an employee of the Catholic Syrian Bank, said “This is my first performance here and I am so overwhelmed by the response received.”  He has sung for several albums and concerts.

ThenumVayambum,AshtamudiKayalile, ManikyaVeenayumayi, KathoduKathoram, Dil Cheese Kyahei, Purdah hei Purdah were some of the songs they sung.





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