Tobacco related cancer cases increase sharply in Kollam district

Rate of increase in tobacco-related cancers among females higher than males

Kollam,  Feb 03: There has been a sharp 72 per cent increase in tobacco related cases cancer among males in Kerala’s Kollam district over the six-year period from 2009 to 2014, reveals an analysis of the data ahead of the World Cancer Day, which falls on February 4.

It is also a cause for worry that the number of tobacco related cancer cases among women marked a steep increase of 78 per cent in the district during the period.

The data from the latest publicly available Population Based Cancer Registries of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) show that the number of cancer cases among men shot up from 1,389 in 2009-11 to 2,393 cases in 2012-14.

Similarly, an analysis of the data from the registry shows that tobacco related cancer cases among women in the district steeply rose from 397 in 2009-11 to 707 in 2012-14

The ‘Three-Year Report of the PBCRs: 2009-11’ shows that Kollam accounted for 41.2 per cent of tobacco related cancers among males and 12.7 per cent among females. The relative proportion of tobacco related cancers as per the latest ‘Three-Year Report of the PBCRs: 2012-2014’ was 43.2 per cent (2,393 cases) and 12.9 per cent (707 cases) among males and females respectively.

The PBCR Kollam was established in 2006 to record all cancer cases reported from the residents of district.

Projections of the ‘PBCRs: 2012-2014’ on the number of cases and relative burden of cancer in the country show that tobacco related cancers would top the list of all cancers by 2020 with an estimated 523,471 cases accounting for 30 per cent of all cancers.

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