Bitcoin Simplified: FAYA: 80 session on Nov.1 discusses cryptocurrency

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 31: Experts will shine a light on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency and digital payment system taking the global financial world by storm, at the November edition of FAYA:80, the monthly series held at Technopark to analyse and evaluate top trends in technology.

Organised by FAYA India in association with the Kerala Startup Mission and NASSCOM, the event is scheduled to be held at 5 PM on Wednesday, 1st November 2017, at the FAYA premises in Thejaswini Building, Technopark, Trivandrum.

The session, titled Bitcoin: Beyond Myths & Hypes, will provide the audience with a simple and objective understanding of what exactly Bitcoin is, what it means to the global financial system and how citizens can own, transact with and secure their own Bitcoin.

It will be an opportunity for all enthusiasts, both newbies and those how have already dabbled in Bitcoin, to understand this revolutionary open-source software implementation of Blockchain.

The session includes a Bitcoin cycle demo, wherein the participants will learn how to create a wallet, receive and send Bitcoins and manage them. Test Bitcoins will be used for the purpose of the session. An internet-capable device and a pre-installed CoPay wallet (available as apps and Chrome plug-in) are prerequisites.

The session will be led by Rakesh B. S. and Jikku Jose, co-founders of Qucentis & BIGOrg. Qucentis is a software company building a Blockchain based Asset Management System. BIGOrg is an open collective of technologists, companies & hobbyists interested in Blockchain. BIGOrg conducts meetups every month on third Thursdays.

The session is free and participants can register at or on



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