Biennale Music: Young girl steals the show at General Hospital

  • Singers pay homage to legendary actor Shashi Kapoor and mimicry artist Abi

Kochi, Dec 06: The joyful spirit of a little sprightly girl wowed audiences as her rendition of the song ‘Kadhali Chenkadhali’ from the movie ‘Nellu’ reverberated through the premises of Ernakulam Government General Hospital here today at the ‘Arts and Medicine’ programme organised by the Kochi Biennale Foundation (KBF) .


The all- Wednesday programme, which entered its 198th edition today, saw three singers of the ‘Vypeen New Voice’ troupe and one of them was eight-year-old Evaniya Shinu, the other two being her father Shinu C C and a co-singer, Ancy Thomas.


But it was Evaniya, a second grade student at the Ernakulam St. Theresa’s School, who started the programme with the Malayalam evergreen song and soon owned the crowd with her magical voice.  


Singers also paid homage to the legendary actor Shashi Kapoor and the late mimicry artist Abi during the programme.  


The singers carried off the performance evoking an enthusiastic applause from the crowd gathered over at the hospital premises.


A joint initiative of the KBF and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services), Arts and Medicine programme provides solace to patients through therapeutic music.


Shinu C C, father of Evaniya, is in the field of singing for the past 10 years. A driver by profession and lead singer of the ‘Vypeen New Voice’ troupe, he regaled the audience with the song ‘Rasathi unnai kaanatha nenjam’ from the movie ‘Vaidehi Kathirunthal’ (1984).


Ancy Thomas, a music teacher, sang the evergreen song ‘Moham Kondu Njaan’ from the movie ‘Shesham Kaazhchayil’ (1983).  In all, they rendered 14 songs, mostly in Malayalam and one each in Tamil and Hindi with three duets mixed in the selection.

The programme came to an end with an adorable performance by Evaniya singing ‘chundari vave chundari vave chayo chayunrangu’ from the movie ‘Sadrishavakyam 24:29’ (2017).


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