Sahapedia’s heritage walk invites residents to explore timeless Benares

Varanasi, August 18: Varanasi is said to be as old as time; and its meandering narrow alleys, busy markets, havelis and ghats hold many untold stories.

An attempt to find these stories and more of the unexplored wonders of Benares is being made by Sahapedia, a not-for-profit organization which manages an online encyclopedic resource, through its Heritage Walk project.

The Walk, a leisurely exploration of the “living streets” of the city, is open to all residents and will take place on Sunday, August 20, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm.

Registrations for the free, guided tour can be done online on  .Mandatory registrations will close after 25 entries.

The Heritage Walk is led by Karan Singh Sachan, a trained Fine Art Conservator and trained Tourist Guide who has been conducted tours across a number of Indian cities.

He has worked in many countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg and has been involved in the restoration of well-known artworks and sites including Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

“Antiquity is the greatest charm of Varanasi. It has been a hub of art, music, dance, culture, education, philosophy and spirituality since time immemorial. I think even people who have lived here all their lives will find something new every time they come out to consciously explore the city,” he said. “This is what we intend to do with the Heritage Walk, to encourage residents to find out newer, interesting things about their surroundings.”

The meeting point for the walk will be Girjaghar, Godowlia and the trail will cover the ghats of Old Varanasi, ruined ancient palaces, temples, markets. The participants can experience scenic views from beautiful balconies, chat with the local people and witness the humbling atmosphere at the Maha-Shmashan Ghat (the great cremation ground). More details of the walk are available on

Sahapedia is an organization committed to preserving, documenting and disseminating information about India’s art, culture, heritage and traditions.

It has been conducting such walks in cities of historical importance to help people gain an understanding of the material, cultural and built heritage wealth of their cities.



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