Spices exports grow 35% in first quarter of FY 2017–18

Kochi, Sept 27: Boosted by large shipments of chilli, spices exports from India grew 35 per cent in quantitative terms in the first quarter of FY 2017–18 and rose to Rs 4589.14 crores during the period.

The total export of spices rose to 3,06,990 tonnes in terms of quantity during April–June 2017 as compared to 2,27, 938 tonnes in the first quarter of FY 2016–17.

Chilli became the most exported spice during April–June 2017 with the shipment of 1,33,000 tonnes, fetching Rs 1,198 crores.

“Chilli has been the most demanded Indian spice and has fulfilled the increasing international demand forquality spices in global markets. Moreover, Board’s efforts to promote garlic have resulted in substantial increase in its exports,” said Spices Board Chairman Dr A. Jayathilak.

Garlic has registered the maximum growth in terms of quantity and value. It contributed substantially to the overall exports during the period, rising 107 per cent in value terms and 169 per cent in quantity.

Fennel registered a remarkable growth of 92 per cent in quantity and 49 per cent in value through shipments of 13,250 tonnes globally. The exports of other seed spices such as mustard, aniseed and dill seed grew by 83 per cent in quantity as compared to the same period last year and saw a 63 per centincrease in value.

During the period, 1,220 tonnes of small cardamom, valued at Rs.134.55 crores, were exported as against 1,106 tonnes worth Rs.90.81 crores during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 10per cent in volume and 48 per cent in value.

Ginger, along with mint products, also contributed significantly to the overall spices’ exports during April–June 2017.

Increased demand for processed and value added spices resulted in an increase in the exports of curry powder and pastes, along with spice oils and oleoresins, accounting for a significant part in the spices export basket of the first quarter of the current fiscal.


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