Old and current students of St. Teresa’s College perform for patients

Kochi, Sep 13: A team of enthusiastic singers, consisting of former and current students ofSt Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, belted out soulful melodies for the solace of patients at the ‘Arts and Medicine’programme today at the Government General Hospital.

Under the tutelage and guidance of Sister Suchita CSST, Association Staff Advisor at the Dept. of Sociology at St Teresa’s College, AbhiramiAjai, ChimmuJayakumar,Geethu P G,Lakshmi H and AnjanaSreekumartookto the stage for a rocking performance that garnered much applause from the audience of patients, bystanders and medical staff.

Abhirami started the programme with the song, Thane Thirinjum Marinjum followed by a rendition of MohamKonduNjanbyGeethu, Maathala Poo Poleby Lakshmi, Shyamambaram by Anjana and Rajahamsameby Chinnu. They concluded the medley of 14 numbers with a group song, EllarumChollanu.

Sister Suchita and the singers said the activity, taken up by the Association of the Sociology Department,was a humanitarian gesture and they were thrilled to be a part of the all-Wednesdays Arts and Medicine show organised by the Kochi Biennale Foundation, as it entered the 186th week.

Abhirami, playback singer who took her maiden step into the film music industry with the song, ThottuThottu from the movie Diamond Necklace is a promising singer of the new generation and is a third year Economics degree student at the college.

Chimmu, an artiste who through IndianVoice, GandharvaSangeethamprogramme and through a leading Malayalam Television Channel who has won the hearts of music lovers, is a former student of St Teresa’s and now a first year degree studentof Carnatic music at the SreeSankaracharyaUniversity of Sanskrit, Kalady.

Geethu, a singer who has performed at various stages and who has earned a place in the hearts of music lovers is former student of the college and currently a sociology lecturer at Sacred Heart College Thevara.Anjana an equally talented singer, who seeks new vistas in music, is a first year Sociology degree student at St Teresa’s College.

“To evoke the magic era captured by renowned music directors and present them before an audience who eagerly savour the musical treat is a blessing. This act is a humanitarian gesture by the old and new students of the college and we appreciate their efforts,” said Sister Suchita.

Dr. Sajitha. J. Kurup Head of the Department of Sociology was also present at the event.The works of artist Sara Mammen, a cancer survivor was inaugurated at the General Hospital Art Gallery by Dr. P Mohan, Palliative Care expert, today at the hospital.

Arts and Medicine is an initiative of the KBF in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and is sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers & Flight Services) aimed at providing solace to patients through live therapeutic music.



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