Kiran Gandhi wins the E A Fernandez Memorial Award for Aspiring Journalists

Thiruvananthapuram, July 24: Kiran Gandhi, a student of the 2016 batch of the Trivandrum Press Club Institute of Journalism, will receive a cash award of Rs 10,000 and a certificate of merit for his incisive and thought-provoking essay ‘Media Trial Vs Fair Trial’.


The runners-up who will receive merit certificates are Prashobhmon K P and Susan C Jacob.


Instituted in memory of the late Mr E A Fernandez, who was the editor of Manasastram magazine for almost three decades, the award honours the journalism students who can think and express themselves intrestingly every year, using a 1500-word essay in Malayalam or English.


The aspiring journalists of the Trivandrum Press Club Institute of Journalism commented on how the public becoming accustomed to the regular spectacle of pseudo trials in the news media could have grave consequences for the acceptance of the courts as the proper forum for the settlement of legal disputes.


With news channels competing with each other to stay ahead of each other and augment their TRPs, this topic elicited very interesting responses from the students.

Award winning essays will be compiled and published. Across the years, these essays will become a yardstick of the changing hopes, aspirations, perspectives, concepts and misconceptions of every generation preparing to step into the world of journalism, according to EA Fernandez Foundation.


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