NISH to organise third session on inspiring stories

Thiruvananthapuram, June 21: National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) will conduct its third session on “NISH Innovations Model – Inspiring Stories” (NIM-IS) for the public on Friday (June 23).

The hour-long session, to be held at Marigold Auditorium on NISH campus at 9 AM, will be conducted by Ms Tiffany Brar, an Indian community service worker who has been blind since childhood. She is the founder of Jyothirgamaya Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps the blind.

Ms Tiffany envisages a society without any physical or psychological barriers towards the blind – a barrier-free environment where the blind can walk freely, travel, work, think for themselves, and live dignified lives like other citizens. She is striving to bring a change in the society which constantly interprets what the blind people can do and what they can't.

NISH has been conducting this series of talks for the public by pioneers and innovators on success stories of people who have overcome disabilities and become role-models for others in the society.

Marigold Auditorium is located in NISH campus on Ulloor-Akkulam road. 

For further information, contact Sherin Joy at or on 0471-3066629.




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