NISH online Seminar on importance of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy in children

Thiruvananthapuram, June 12: National Institute of Speech & Hearing (NISH) together with the Directorate of Social Justice is conducting its 20th online live Interactive Disability Awareness Seminar (NIDAS) on June 17th. The seminar, which is first of its kind, deals with Importance of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy in children with hand functioning impairment.” It will be led by Ms Shyni M.T, Physiotherapist, NISH and Ms Neethu Thampi, Occupational therapist, NISH.

The seminar will commence at NISH campus at 10.30 am and will be simultaneously available for all the District Child Protection Units (DCPU) offices via the internet.

The two and a half-hour programme in Malayalam aims to reach out across the state to larger numbers of parents and caregivers, who are not aware of the implications of disability.

Those who wish to participate from DCPU offices in each district may contact the nearest Child Protection Units Officer to avail the telephonic registration process.

Participants from each district can contact the District Child Protection officers in the following numbers: Thiruvananthapuram (0471-2345121, 8281128237), Kollam (0474-2791597, 9446028868), Pathanamthitta (0468-2319998,9747833366), Alappuzha (0477-2241644, 9447140786), Kottayam (0481-2580548, 9447506971), Idukki (0486-2200108,9496456464), Ernakulam (0484-2609177,9446731299),Thrissur (0487-2364445, 9447382095), Palakkad(0491-2531098,9446689508), Malappuram (0483-2978888,9447243009), Kozhikode (0495-2378920,9496438920), Wayanad (04936-246098,9446162901), Kannur (0490-2326199,8289889926)and Kasargod (04994-256990,9447580121).

Participants from Trivandrum district can also attend from NISH after telephonic registration by contacting NISH in 0471- 3066658.

Registration can be done on the website Participants should have either a personal computer, laptop or tablet along with reliable high-speed internet connectivity, webcam and microphone.




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