Habitat group’s low cost homes to be included in government’s ‘House for all’ programme: K T Jaleel

Thiruvananthapuram, May 3: Inaugurating Habitat Technology Group’s low cost house prototypes at Mudavanmugal, Local Administration Minister K T Jaleel suggested the scope of joining hands with Habitat  Group to materialise government’s programme  ‘House for all’.

“Government already has alloted a grand of 3.5 lakh rupees for people without a house in all 14 districts in Kerala and after seeing Habitat’s low cost house proto type made within a budget of 4 lakh rupees in 400 square feet, I feel Habitat group will be an apt choice to help  government in providing house for homeless all over Kerala, ” said K T Jaleel .

The two prototypes of affordable houses at Mudavanmugal seek to optimize the space requirements and incorporate cost-effective and environment-friendly materials and technologies. One house has two bedrooms, a multipurpose hall, kitchenette and a toilet while the other type has only one bedroom but a more spacious living/dining area with a verandah. Each house has a floor area of 400 sq.ft and the cost of construction is just four lakhs  rupees.

 Shri O Rajagopal MLA who attended the function said that it is important to find the roots of our traditional construction techniques rather than going for foreign technologies. “There is an increasing tendency among public to discard our traditional building techniques, but we need to focus on what suits our building needs rather than blindly imitating foreign technology like using local materials suitable for our environment,” said O Rajagopal.

“Central government and State government should integrate their policies on shelter sector to materialize the dream of ‘house for all’”

A Bamboo Design School in the same campus will be inaugurated later. The Bamboo School, designed and constructed by Habitat in lush green campus at has a wide variety of bamboo species and technology for construction using bamboo will be developed here.

The inaugural function which marked the first step of Habitat group’s 30th anniversary celebrations was attended by Habitat Technology Group chairman Padmashree G Shankar, T P Madhu , Senior consultant, Habitat Group , Thiruvananthapuram ward counselors  Smt Dr Vijayalakshmi and Shri Gopakumar , and  Planning Board Member Smt Mridul Eapen.



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