Visitors from Art, Fashion worlds note Biennale’s experimentalist nature

Kochi, Feb 19: Observing that the ongoing third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) is a perfect example of interdisciplinary art, a host of visitors from the art and design worlds applauded the experimentation with Sudarshan Shetty’s curatorial vision on display.

Following a visit to Aspinwall House, the primary venue, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts curator Nobu Takamuri said the KMB is an important showcase of artistic and academic projects.

“The Biennale is quiet dynamic and impressive. The materials and media used for expressing the art forms are diverse. Being a curator, I am completely smitten by Sudarshan’s courage to experiment with traditional and contemporary art in the same platform,” Takamuri said.

Describing KMB 2016 as a “great visual experience”, Takamuri also marked for special mention the blend of art and literature at India’s only Biennale.

For renowned anthropologist and art writer Lisse Mckean, the Biennale has “something for everybody”. “It has a wide range of exhibits that satisfies art lovers and people not into the art scene equally. Moreover, it is a very rare and unique platform where the contemporary and traditional art forms give and take to co-exist peacefully and aesthetically,” she said.

“Another feature is the level of participation by the local communities. Being an anthropologist, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people from Kochi and they all talk of the Biennale in a way that reflects their ownership of the festival,” Mckean added.

After a visit over the weekend, Dilip Kapur, founder of fashion brand HiDesign, said the Biennale has marked out the way forward for the fashion and design worlds.

“The works here break all the laws we have about art. The design and fashion industries, which are more commercial, follow art events like the Biennale to get product design ideas. Beyond just viewing the works, the Biennale teaches us to experience art. Just as these exhibits interact with us, this ethic can be imbibed in products as well.” Kapur said.


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