About Us

Founded in 2009, MD Niche has carved a space for itself in the PR world in a very short time. Creativity and professionalism are the hallmarks of our dedicated team which works in close partnership with clients to channel their messages to the target audience through our extensive media networks across the country.

Having spent long years in the newsrooms and out in the field, we at MD Niche have our fingers on the pulse of the media, enabling us to help clients pitch their stories in the right way at the right time to grab the right media space.

Backed by a strong research arm, we regularly monitor industry trends and provide proactive guidance on media management, enabling our clients to pre-empt issues before they flare up into full-blown crises. Our clients consider us a valuable partner in delivering their brand promises.

Our staff members closely follow national and international media trends to help serve our clients better. Our advantage of being a New Delhi-based firm with access to the huge posse of foreign correspondents in the national capital works in favour of our clients seeking national and international exposure.

MD Niche is also an organisation deeply committed to helping tackle social and environmental issues. It leads Tobacco Free Kerala, a coalition of like-minded organisations formed to fight the scourge of tobacco in God's Own Country.


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